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85th Anniversary Loan Sale

Save 0.85% APR* on the rate you qualify for on new Auto and Personal Loans! 

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Loans are approved based on qualifications and collateral conditions. Maximum personal loan amount $10,000. Offer valid on new loans 6/15/24-9/15/24.

We all have unique needs and circumstances. At North Coast we understand this and look forward to discussing all of the many loan options available to you. We evaluate and approve our loans locally and we don't sell our loans to other institutions. We listen carefully, so tell us your story, and we will work hard to match you with the loan that best meets your needs. You can apply for a loan from this page or by calling us at 800-696-8830. If you are not a member yet, don’t hesitate to contact us, we want to provide you with the same informative, friendly service we’re known for. 

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TypeRepayment TermsRate (Range)
NEW / USED VEHICLES 1- 84 Months 6.720% to 18.970% APR*
NEW / USED MOTORHOMES 1- 120 Months 8.250% to 11.625%

APR= Annual Percentage Rate.  Your rate will be within the range shown above and is based on your credit history, term of the loan, amount being financed, and, if applicable, age of collateral. 

Real Estate

TypeRepayment TermsRate (Range)
LOT LOANS (Serviced Lots) 5/1 Adjustable rates, up to 30 year amortization 10.000%-10.500%APR* with 1% Fee
REAL ESTATE click to see today's rates
HOME EQUITY 2nd LIEN 5/1 Adjustable rates for 30 years 8.750% - 11.750% APR* with 1.00% fee
HOME EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT (HELOC) 5yr draw 20 years - 5 year draw and 15 year repayment 8.500% - 11.500% APR* (Variable Rate)
NON-EQUITY HOME LOAN (Under $20,000) Fixed up to 120 months 10.000% to 14.000% APR*

APR = Annual Percentage Rate


TypeRepayment TermsRate (Range)
PERSONAL LOAN UNSECURED Monthly payments up to 60 months 11.500% to 19.500% APR**
SMART LINE OF CREDIT Interest only Payments 14.500% to 17.000% APR* (Variable Rate)
LINE OF CREDIT - UNSECURED Interest only Payments 15.500% to 18.000% APR* (Variable Rate)
CD SECURED CD must be pledged throughout term of loan Certificate Rate plus 4.000% APR*
SHARE SECURED Up to 10 Years Share Rate plus 4.000% APR*

APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Credit Card

TypeRepayment TermsRate (Range)
CREDIT CARD Monthly payments minimum 1.5% of balance BIG Rewards Credit Card 11.99% to 16.99% APR*
Monthly payments minimum 1.5% of balance No Fee Credit Card 13.99% to 17.99% APR*

APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Making A Payment from an Outside Source

Use Magic Wrighter to make payments from another financial institution to your North Coast Loan or Credit Card.  

When using a debit card there will be a processing fee, but same day posting. If you use a checking account, please have your account number and routing number available. There are no fees for this option, but there will be a delay in posting. If a payment is processed on a Friday it will post the next business day. You will receive an email confirmation once the payment is deducted from your account, so a current email is required. Any changes need to be made three full business days prior to the due date. When using Magic Wrighter you are the only one that can make changes, including cancelling automatic payments when the loan is paid in full. North Coast is unable to make any changes.