Youth Savings

Kids can learn to save & learn to give with Report Card Rewards! When school age kids show us their report cards we deposit $5 into their youth savings account and we donate $5 to Operation Warm. No need to worry about grades, we don’t check those. If you can’t make it into a branch, you can email a picture of the report card, the child’s name, and their branch to

Youth Savings

  • FREE Savings Account
  • Open with $5 or more
  • Parents and Grandparents may transfer directly to youth accounts

Build a CD

  • FREE 12 Month Certificate of Deposit
  • Open with $25 or more
  • Make deposits of $25 or more anytime
  • For kids or adults

$5 Rewards

  • When kids bring us their report cards we deposit $5 into their account
  • And we match their deposit with a $5 donation to Operation Warm
  • Bad grades? No problem, we don't check. We just love to see your kids