We’ve been alerted to fraudulent text messages and phone calls impersonating North Coast’s Fraud Department inquiring about a scheduled transfer and then requesting personal and account information. Please refrain from responding to such requests. If you receive suspicious messages or have any inquiries contact us directly at 800-696-8830. Your vigilance dealing with these scammers is crucial in safeguarding your personal information.

Savings Accounts

Choose the Savings Account that works for you. Current Members may open a Savings Account online, by phone or in your neighborhood branch. New members please visit us in your neighborhood branch.

If you suspect fraud on your account please call 1-866-279-1399

To learn more about fraud and how to protect yourself visit here.

FREE Savings Account

  • FREE Account
  • Open with $5 or more
  • Create separate saving accounts for vacations, holidays or celebrations

Money Market Savings

  • FREE Account with minimum balance of $50,000
  • $10 monthly fee for balance under $50,000
  • Open with $100 or more
  • Includes 6 out-of-branch transactions per month

Health Savings Account

  • FREE Account
  • No minimum balance or withdrawal restrictions
  • Pay medical bills with HSA Debit Card and/or Bill Pay
  • Use with a High Deductible Health Plan

Youth Savings Account

  • FREE Account
  • Open with $5 or more
  • Eligible for Report Card Rewards

Go to Youth Savings