Transfer your money easily using Online and Mobile banking, by calling our Member Contact Center or by visiting your neighborhood branch.

Wire Transfers

Man in blue plaid shirt with dark hair and a gray beard sits in front of a laptop with his arms folder, smiling at the camera.

Send money to and from nearly anywhere in the world.


Stylish man and woman leaning up against a wall looking at the man's phone.

Send money to anyone worldwide with their mobile number or email address.

Other Institutions

Woman lounging on a couch with a cup of coffee in her hand and working on a laptop on her lap.

Move money between your accounts in other Financial Institutions and North Coast.

Student Transfers

College student work on his laptop while sitting on stairs. His backpack and a stack of books surrounds him.

Send your student money quickly. 


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An easy way to make payments or send money regularly.  Don't forget to send to your savings account too. 

Make Loan Payments

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Make payments to your North Coast Loan or Credit Card quickly and easily in Online Banking.

Payments From Outside Accounts

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Use Magic Wrighter to make payments from another financial institution to your NCCU Loan or Credit Card.  

  • Use another financial institution's Visa or Master Card or your Discover Credit Card (Fees apply)
  • Make a payment using your checking or savings from another financial institution. (No fees)