We’ve been alerted to fraudulent text messages and phone calls impersonating North Coast’s Fraud Department inquiring about a scheduled transfer and then requesting personal and account information. Please refrain from responding to such requests. If you receive suspicious messages or have any inquiries contact us directly at 800-696-8830. Your vigilance dealing with these scammers is crucial in safeguarding your personal information.

Beware of Text-Based Scams

We have received reports that fraudsters are using our name in text-based phishing scams. The texts include a link that leads to a site that requires members to input their banking information through a fake login screen. North Coast will never send a text message requesting you to click on a link and enter secure information. If you receive a text message like the one below, delete it immediately.

Screen shot of a scam text message that reads "North Coast Credit Union: Dear Customer We Noticed An Unusual Activity on Your Account. Visit (link) To Update Your Details."

Please note the out of area phone number and the use of the word “customer”. At North Coast, you are a Member, not a customer. Below is an example of a legitimate text from us. 

Phone screenshot of a text message that reads "Your North Coast Credit Union Auth Code" with the code covered up.

When in doubt, please contact us at 800-696-8830 to verify a text message’s legitimacy. We’re here to help. Thanks for being a member.