A Heartfelt Thank You

Thank You

As we band together not just as a nation, but as global citizens to fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to share a heartfelt Thank You from all of us at North Coast Credit Union.

Thank You for taking care of each other. We are proud of our communities for coming together to support their neighbors and healthcare workers.

Thank You to those staying home as much as possible.

Thank You to the healthcare workers caring for patients in less than ideal circumstances. Thank you to their support teams and to all first responders.

A special Thank You to all the service workers who are working diligently to minimize disruptions to our daily lives. Grocery store workers, cooks preparing take-out food, gas station workers, financial institution professionals, daycare providers, teachers, utility workers, delivery drivers, retail workers, postal workers and many others—we appreciate the care you are taking in your work.

Please let us know how we might help you. We are YOUR credit union, here to support YOU. Contact Us

We wish you all comfort and good health.