Effective Monday March 30, 2020 our Lobbies are open to our members by appointment. Make an appointment by calling 800-696-8830.  Drive Thru Service is open for members and non members from 8:30am - 6pm at our Mount Vernon, Bellingham and Ferndale branches.  Online and Mobile Banking, Phone Banking, Mobile Check Deposit and ATMs are always available.


Get Involved

North Coast is now calling for nominations for the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. This is a great opportunity to get more involved with North Coast. See "Nominations" below for more information.

As a member of North Coast you have a vote. Each April, we invite you to attend our Annual Meetings where we elect our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. If you've been a North Coast member for two or more years, maybe you're ready to get more involved and want to know more about volunteering for a position on the Board or Committee. Contact Susan Lanahan for more information: email slanahan@northcoastcu.com or call 360-685-4005

Board of Directors

The Board of directors provides governance for the credit union; to set policy, plan strategic direction, ensure the safety and soundness, ensure that the mission is carried out, maintain open communications with members and management, select the CEO, and direct review of CEO's progress in achieving goals and objectives, and report to members as required by law.

Rick Succee, Chair

Derek Barnes, Vice Chair

Phil Serka, Secretary

Kimberly "Kym" Clift

Jay Ebert

Jair Furnas

Gregory "Todd" Lagestee

Gerzon Marin

Randall Watts

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee serves as a check and balance to the Board of Directors; responsible for overseeing all aspects of the credit union to determine that it is being managed efficiently and effectively, and is safeguarding member's assets.

Sheryl Cartwright, Chair

Kailin James, Vice Chair

Marta Huff

David Rudy

Doug Scholten


Each year we ask for nominations for our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. Once nominees are verified to be qualified for the position, elections are held at the Annual Meeting. Term length is three years for each position. 

Those who are interested in running for a position can contact Susan Lanahan, slanahan@northcoastcu.com, for more information.

Board Mentorship Program

The Board Mentorship program allows participants to attend board meetings for a year to witness the process and learn more about how our organization is run.